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Zippo Maintenance

Here at Zippo Pros.com we have some zippo tricks the will help you with your zippo lighter questions.

All zippo lighters are basically the same lighter they just have a different pattern or finish painted or engraved on to the outer casing. The actual lighter is made up of two main parts the outer shell and the insert. The insert acts as a reservoir for the fuel and houses the flint wheel, cam spring, chimney and wick. It is the cam spring which 'snaps' the lid of the case open or closed and gives the unmistakable sound off a zippo. The chimney helps protect the flame from the wind making the zippo a wind proof lighter. A zippo requires very little maintenance, all you have to do is refill the lighter with lighter fluid every 1-2 weeks depending on how much it is used.

Follow these basic Zippo Lighter Maintenance tips:

Trimming/Replacing the wick

Use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull the wick straight up until clean wick appears.
Trim the blackened section off so that the wick is even with the top of the Chimney (wind guard).
To replace the wick, first remove all of the cotton padding with tweezers.
Thread the new wick into the hole, and leave it level with the chimney.
Replace the cotton padding in small pieces. Be sure to weave the wick through the pieces of cotton.

Refilling the lighter

Open the lighter and remove the lighter assembly from the shell.
Open the bottle of lighter fluid (the lighter assembly can be used to open the "safety nozzle" used for most brands of fluid).
Some Zippos will have a small hole in the bottom of the lighter assembly that can be used to refill the lighter. Otherwise, lift up the bottom part and refill, taking care not to over saturate the cotton (otherwise, lighter fluid will leak out).
Replace the lighter assembly in the shell. Wipe the shell and hands clean of any excess fluid before lighting.

Replacing the Flint

Open the lighter and remove the lighter assembly from the shell.
Loosen the screw at the bottom of the lighter assembly. A screwdriver or coin may be necessary, but usually this can be done with the fingers.
Remove the screw and spring and shake the lighter, to make sure the remnant of the previous flint (if any) falls out.
Drop the replacement flint into the hole, replace the spring, and tighten the screw. Replace the lighter assembly into the shell.
The striker may need to be "wiggled" a little in order to get the new flint to strike.
A common zippo trick is to put in two replacement flints, instead of just one. That way, if the first flint runs out, the replacement is already in position.

For any other Zippo Maintenance questions feel free to Contact Us.

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